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Tebow turns heads at pre-Oscars party in Los Angeles

Two days before Robert Downey Jr. balled his hand into a fist and dropped to one knee on the Academy Awards stage, Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow mingled with stars and power brokers at a pre-Oscar party in Los Angeles. reported the party was held Friday night at the mansion of Hollywood super-agent Ari Emanuel (the inspiration behind the Ari Gold character on the HBO series "Entourage"), putting Tebow in the company of celebs like Robert Pattinson, Jack Black, Jonah Hill, Michael Douglas, Rooney Mara and Ben Stiller.

(As an aside, which of those actors is most likely to know anything about Tebow other than, "He's the football guy, right?" It's doubtful Pattinson (of "Twilight" fame) is aware of the NFL's existence. Black, Hill and Stiller probably have a vague idea of Tebow's backstory, nothing more. Douglas seems like a guy who would randomly have four fantasy teams. Mara has the benefit of NFL genes -- her dad is a senior VP for the Giants -- but we're not holding our breath for analysis of Tebow's throwing motion.)

Tebow recently signed with William Morris Endeavor agency, which will handle his personal endorsements and charity dealings. He has a separate agency, CAA, handling his on-field affairs. In case you didn't guess, Tim Tebow is big business and everybody wants a piece.

According to the report, "Curb Your Enthusiasm" star Larry David was "caught wryly grinning" as a small army of attractive females made their way over to Tebow.

These women might have benefited the most from knowing the QB's backstory.

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