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Tebow tells L.A. kids some stories about Perry, Lin

Being Tim Tebow can sometimes be cool -- like right about now, for instance.

And for two reasons: Currently, Tebow is the apple of pop music sensation Katy Perry's eye. He's also an inspiration to one of sports' best underdog stories, New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin, who has won his first four NBA starts.

Both were topics of conversation for Tebow during a visit with 100 kids Monday at the Challengers Boys & Girls Club in south Los Angeles.

Leave it to the kids to try and dig deeper on some celebrity gossip. According to The Associated Press, a question about whether or not Tebow "has a thing" with Perry is what garnered the loudest reaction of all (we imagine it sounded something like some "Saved By The Bell" woo'ing).

"No, me and Katy Perry don't have a thing, but she's a very good artist," Tebow said, smiling.

And now, for an impossibly smooth transition, Tebow said he's stoked about Lin, who, like the Broncos' quarterback, is public about his Christian faith.

"It's awesome to see what he's done," Tebow said. "It's going to be fun to see where it goes from here."

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