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Tebow still a QB, in case you somehow thought otherwise

Stand down, Tebow disciples.

Your leader is a quarterback, not the wide receiver he briefly played in Week 2's win over the Bengals. Tebow was merely doing his team a solid, because that's what Tim Tebow does -- he helps those around him and makes the world a better place.

But don't get it confused. Tebow still sees his rightful place as behind center.

"I want to be a quarterback," he told The Associated Press on Thursday. "I believe I can be; I believe I will be. And I've just got to keep working at that."

The Broncos' receiving corps has been decimated by injuries with Brandon Lloyd, Julius Thomas, Eddie Royal and Demaryius Thomas all dealing with various health ailments.

Tebow was used Sunday merely as a Band-Aid, but that didn't stop people from asking him if this somehow negatively affects his development as a QB.

(We're serious. This question was actually posed to him.)

"How's it's going to stunt my growth if I go out there on Sunday afternoon, we lose some receivers and I have to go out there and help the team?" he asked. "It's not like I'm going to the receivers' meetings. I'm just blessed to have the ability to go do it and if I'm asked to go do it, I help the team."

Tebow is firmly entrenched as a backup in Denver, so it made sense for him to help out in other areas, given his size and athleticism. But when you're Tim Tebow, everything you do is brought into greater focus, whether it's consequential or not. File this one under the latter category.

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