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Tebow's play activates $472,500 rookie-contract bonus

Dead presidents rain down on Tebow Time.

Tim Tebow's play over the past seven games has helped rescue a Broncos franchise that languished at 1-4 before destiny (and strategically placed pro-Tebow signage) vaulted the second-year quarterback into the driver's seat.

His six wins in seven starts has given rise to a young career perhaps more polarizing than Brett Favre's and more peculiar than Doug Flutie's -- and gaining steam financially.

Tebow unofficially triggered a $472,500 rookie-contract bonus on Sunday for playing at least 45 percent of the team's snaps this season, The Denver Post reported Wednesday.

It's unclear what Tebow will do with the money -- besides save the world -- but he might consider a massive steak dinner for Von Miller and the boys.

They have a lot to do with Tebow's success, but -- let's be honest -- this is a man who's earned every penny he makes this season.

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