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Tebow's heart will go on: 'I can't focus on the naysayers'

Tim Tebow wants you to know something.

Love him or hate him, there are more important things in his life than the National Football League.

Tebow visited ESPN Radio this week and drilled home what he's drilled home time and again: In this life, the Broncos quarterback ranks his Christian faith No. 1 and his family No. 2. Football will always be a distant No. 3.

"As long as the first two are good, then football will take care of itself because, at the end of the day -- it is a game," Tebow said. 

"It's a game that we are very passionate about. It's a game that I love and I give my whole heart out there playing, but I don't live and die with playing the game because I know it's not the most important thing.

And a message to the haters:

"I can't focus on the naysayers," he said, "because they will always be there and they have always been there and I am just thankful that I don't have to live the roller-coaster life that everybody else watching me lives because I can stay grounded in my faith."

In the end, he's just a guy who plays quarterback. 

Just like all of us, he's probably eaten a bad plate of scrambled eggs and paid for it. 

We'd like to believe he considered "Attack of the Clones" a disaster. 

For sure, he's asked himself if robots will someday take over.

Tim Tebow: Normal dude.

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