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Tebow 'laid hands' in prayer on injured Dawkins

It remains to be seen how Tim Tebow will fit into the Jets' game plan next season, but for a team in search of leadership, the former Broncos starter is a known quantity.

Free-agent safety Brian Dawkins forged a bond with Tebow that stretched beyond the mania and fanfare surrounding the quarterback in Denver.

When Dawkins missed time last season with a pinched nerve in his neck, he shared an encounter with Tebow that few were witness to.

"In our Bible study sessions, when my neck was pretty bad and I'm hurting, (Tebow), along with our chaplain and (Broncos director of player development), Jerry Butler, laid hands and prayed on me pretty good," Dawkins told FOX Sports this week. "They brought snot and tears to my eyes and all that type of good stuff with prayer.

"He really is a guy who walks what he says he walks."

Dawkins' report falls in line with what many of his former teammates and coaches in Denver have to say about Tebow as a genuine figure.

Lombardi: Get mad, Mark!

When the Jets traded for Tim Tebow, Mark Sanchez ... did nothing. Michael Lombardi says this shows Sanchez's flaws. **More ...**

The Jets rolled the dice on the Tebow acquisition, openly toying with the mental state of starter Mark Sanchez, who's grappled mightily to take control of a frenzied locker room.

What the Jets have in Tebow, by all accounts, is a player and a person who excels at winning over his teammates.

Good for the Jets.

In terms of the brewing, furious quarterback controversy buzzing on the horizon?

Troubling for the Jets.

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