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Tebow focuses on football despite all that swirls around him

Tebowmania rages on unabated, and the man behind it is doing his best to pretend it doesn't exist.

During a week that has included harsh criticism on multiple fronts and a lukewarm endorsement from his own coach, Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow is blocking out the distractions that swirl around him with an individually critical Week 9 matchup against the Raiders on tap.

"You can't listen to whatever other people say, because you're going to have people that praise you and people that criticize you, and everything in between," Tebow said after practice Wednesday, according to The Denver Post. "If I listen to everything you all say, my world would be so up and down, but I'm grounded by my faith and my family. That's what grounds me."

It's a very Tim Tebow answer, but it's also a smart outlook, given how much of a lightning rod he has become.

"Football is what I do for a living and for fun," he said, "and if I rode the roller-coaster of what people say about me, my life would be a lot more hectic than it already is."

The man has a point. If Tebow absorbed every negative comment made about him, he'd probably be rocking in the corner of a white room with padded walls right now. Nobody wants that.

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