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Tebow fighting to halt sales of 'My Jesus' T-shirts

Say what you want about Tim Tebow, but the New York Jets quarterback remains amiable to the circus that followed him from Denver to Gotham.

Tebow, a devout Christian, doesn't attack his critics or grow defensive in the face of constant -- often silly -- attention. There isn't much that riles the man, but Tebow is taking a stand this month against a T-shirt manufacturer his lawyers claim illegally used his name to peddle their garb, according to a cease and desist letter obtained by

Cubby Tees is selling T-shirts emblazoned with the words "My Jesus," designed to resemble the Jets logo. Tebow's attorneys shipped a letter to the company arguing "the merchandise makes it appear as if Mr. Tebow actually endorses Cubby Tees and its products."

The company states on its website the "fun design is not officially endorsed by New York's backup quarterback or the Son of God, but plays off the themes of Tebow's faith and his new team."

Tebow's lawyers have successfully removed the merchandise off eBay, according to TMZ, but Cubby Tees isn't backing down, claiming the design "shares nothing with Mr. Tebow except for promotion of a common Lord and Savior."

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We took a look at Upon writing this, the link to view the "My Jesus" T-shirts includes the verbiage "TebowJesus.html" and on-page text that states "if Tebowmania is any indication, there are millions who like to mix their Sunday pleasure and piety."

It continues: "This Fall, Tim Tebow will be in the uniform of the New York Jets, potentially taking the Tebowing phenomenon to a whole new level. Now that the NFL's most popular player has moved his pulpit from Denver to New York City, he'll no longer simply be delivering sermons from the mountains -- he'll have the attention of the world's premiere media market. Jets for Jesus! Whether his message -- or his playing skills -- will thrive under the bright lights of Gotham remains to be seen...but we know that a legion of believers will have faith in him. He's not just looking to cure lepers, but heal Gang Green!"

Tebow has put up with a lot of foolishness over the past year. This time around, he plans to fight.

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