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Tebow and Sanchez's relationship will be tested

I have my doubts whether Tim Tebow is a good fit for the Jets.

You can make the argument the Jetscan use him well as a backup quarterback and Wildcat option, but it's only a matter of time before the calls start for Tebow to pass Mark Sanchez on the team's depth chart. The media attention will be suffocating. Tebow's acquisition will test Sanchez in many ways, but at least the two men seem well suited to handle the onslaught.

Tebow revealed that Sanchez left a voicemail after the trade and the two young quarterbacks spoke Wednesday night.

"It was a great conversation. We've been blessed to get to know each other the last three years," Tebow said. "I think we're both extremely competitive. I think we'll be able to push each other to get a lot better. I think we'll have a great working relationship, and we've had a great relationship off the field. He's such a classy guy. I'll be very honored to call him my teammate."

You can criticize Sanchez for a lot of things, but he's handled his tumultuous run in New York with class. That's not going to change.

Then again, one of the things you can criticize Sanchez for: His leadership ability. He still has to earn his teammates' trust. Sanchez is lacking in the department where Tebow perhaps excels the most.

Tebow and Sanchez may have a great relationship now, but it will be seriously tested in the coming year.

(That is, if the Jets don't deal Sanchez.)

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