Teams celebrate celebration rule change on Twitter

Touchdown celebrations got busted out of fun jail on Tuesday and everybody but Marvin Lewis (and your previously mentioned 74-year-old grandpa) is pumped about it.

The celebration extended to the NFL's official Twitter handle, which was able to splice together a nice little montage of celebrations previously relegated to the digital mothballs. Enjoy!

The Bears tried to get in on the fun, but I guess they didn't have a GIF of a celebration that would have been penalized under the old rules. Tells you a lot about the dearth of excitement in the last half decade.

Here's the Ravens looking back on a celebration that would have definitely drawn some laundry last year. This one is fun, but you have to pity the Browns player caught in the middle of it all. He's suffered enough.

Then there's Cam Newton, who probably hasn't even left the house since hearing the news. Just a man standing in front of a floor-to-ceiling mirror, working out a new series of moves.

The Rams, meanwhile, brought back a classic from their Greatest Show On Turf heyday in St. Louis. Makes sense that a 6-yard Tavon Austin reception wasn't going to cut it.

Finally, I endorse any rule change that rips the glass ceiling off fat-guy touchdown joy.

Do it, big men.

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