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Tate uses Twitter to advise Pack to sit Rodgers vs. Suh, Lions

It's difficult to fathom a scenario in which Packers coach Mike McCarthy -- fraught with indecision -- turns to Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate for advice on whether or not to play Aaron Rodgers in Sunday's regular-season finale against the Lions.

But if that did happen, Tate would give the Packers coach a chilling bit of advice.

"I wouldn't play Aaron Rodgers this Sunday," Tate tweeted Friday. "Simply because if Suh gets to him, he literally might try to end his career. #hesdangerous"

The Packers have the NFC's No. 1 playoff seed locked up, and their Week 15 loss to the Chiefs ended their quest for 16-0. That means Rodgers has nothing to gain by playing Sunday, other than some more touchdown passes to add to his already pristine MVP résumé.

McCarthy didn't reveal his strategy Friday, but he hinted that Rodgers could split snaps with backups Matt Flynn and Graham Harrell.

"The most important thing with Aaron is he's ready to play," McCarthy said. "It's important for the quarterbacks; we repped all three of them this week. So I'd like to see all three of them play in the game, is the initial plan as we started the week."

As for Tate's inclusion of Ndamukong Suh as a major factor, it goes to show how the defensive lineman's reputation has changed over a calendar year. Last year at this time, he was seen as one of the best rookie defenders in recent memory. Now, he's the dirty guy who stomps people. Someone needs an image makeover.

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