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Tannenbaum gives state of union for regrouping Jets

Poor Mike Tannenbaum. Six months ago, he was sitting pretty under the false assumption he had built a team that was on the cusp of Super Bowl glory.

It turned out to be less glory and more gory for the Jets, and now the general manager finds himself giving offseason interviews to ESPN Radio about how he plans to fix all that ails Gang Green.

On Bart Scott, the disgruntled linebacker who was **reportedly given permission* to seek a trade:*

"Out in Indy we had a good conversation with Harold Lewis, Bart Scott's agent and we'll see what happens over the next couple of weeks. ... All options are on the table. We're going to keep having discussions with him and we'll see where things go."

Translation:Someone please take him. We'll take a bag of footballs in return. Scratch that, we'll take a single football.

On the Jets' interest in Peyton Manning, should the Colts cut him loose in the next 10 days:

"It's really important that we always try to improve the team. With that said, I expect Mark Sanchez to be our quarterback next year. But when we have opportunities to improve our team, that's what we're going to do."

Translation: Be afraid, Mr. Sanchez. Be very afraid.

"He's exploring his options; that's what we want our players to do this time of year, like we're doing for ourselves. He gave us a really good year and we'll always do what's best for the Jets."

Translation: Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

On Greg McElroy, the rookie quarterback who **told an Alabama radio station* in January that the Jets' locker room had a "corrupt mindset":*

"We weren't happy with those comments obviously, but with that said, we've all said things that maybe we shouldn't have from time to time."

Translation: Show up to camp with a muzzle, kid, and don't look me in the eye.

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