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T.O., Trotter have different memories of apology to McNabb

Whenever Terrell Owens does an interview -- and this probably will hold true for the rest of time -- whoever conducts it always seems to find a way to excavate the remains of his feud with Donovan McNabb.

The latest instance comes in the February issue of GQ Magazine, in which Owens claims then-teammate Jeremiah Trotter told him not to apologize to McNabb as part of an Eagles-scripted letter Owens was to read in 2005.

In the words of GQ Magazine: How about the decision not to publicly apologize to McNabb for suggesting in an interview immediately after the Eagles lost the Super Bowl that the quarterback had "got tired" on the field? For a moment, he is silent. Could he actually be on the verge of admitting he made an error?

"Well, I probably should have done...," he begins, rubbing his hand along the contours of his massive shaved dome. Then he stops himself. "No. No. Listen, I was in the locker room before the press conference, and my team captain, Jeremiah Trotter, read through that apology they wrote for me. He got to the bottom part, the part where it had the stuff about Donovan, and he did this." Owens snatches a piece of paper from the table and rips off the bottom three inches. "This is the team leader we're talking about; he told me not to do it."

Trotter remembers it differently, and that set off a Twitter back and forth between him and T.O. on Wednesday.

"@terrellowens yo man y u lying to GQ Mag I never told u that call me ASAP!!!!!", Trotter tweeted.

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"@RoadKarma @jtrotter_54 lying about what?", T.O. responded.

"@terrellowens @roadkarma what u said in GQ Mag. Thats a lie U got my # call me dude!!!!!!"

Did an actual conversation ensue? We can't say for sure. But the following tweets were posted two hours later.

From Trotter: "@terrellowens despite your recollection and my recollection r different I still love u man!!!!"

From T.O.: "@JTrotter_54 likewise!!"

Swell. And in other Terrell Owens news, he announced Wednesday night in a video that he will play and become co-owner for the Allen Wranglers of the Indoor Football League.

To read the entire GQ Magazine article, click here.

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