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T.O. likely will find limited market exists for his services

We haven't heard the last of Terrell Owens, who recently said he'd be ready to play in "a month or less" as he recovers from April surgery on a torn ACL. Which team makes the most sense to go after the mercurial receiver and what do you expect to see from the 37-year-old T.O.?

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  • Jason La Canfora NFL Network
  • Jets, Patriots both make sense

T.O. will get interest when he's healthy and will make plays. He'll drop balls and say silly things as well, but that's all part of the package. Remember, he was very effective for Cincy in 2010.

There is no sense bringing T.O. in unless a team really has a shot to win. I think of Oakland, a team always willing to take a chance on a player, and Tennessee, who is without Kenny Britt and took a shot on Randy Moss a year ago.

New England could perhaps jettison Chad Ochocinco for T.O. if they wanted a big target receiver. And I never rule out the Jets -- Plaxico Burress is not off to a tremendous start, the offense is lagging and they could use a playmaker on the outside with teams clamping down on Santonio Holmes.

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  • Steve Wyche
  • We might have seen the last of T.O.

We might not have heard the last of Owens, but we might have seen the last of him. Although Owens still has something to offer, most teams are going to stay away -– and now they have another excuse, his surgically repaired knee.

I seriously have a hard time thinking of a team that will sign him. If a team is playing well, it probably wouldn't need Owens and it certainly wouldn't want to disrupt any chemistry. If a team is playing poorly, it probably would try to get younger players game action and not occupy a roster spot with Owens.

The Vikings actually could use him and receivers coach George Stewart is one of a handful of people Owens deeply trusts. However, if Donovan McNabb is on the roster, Owens won't be coming to the Twin Cities. A team I thought could use him before we found out about his injury was San Diego. Owens fits the physical model and the Chargers have enough veterans on the roster to absorb any of Owens' issues. But I don't see them calling either.

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  • Charles DavisNFL Network
  • Teams eyeing T.O. must meet certain standards

A team considering T.O. needs to meet the following four criteria: It must have a strong locker room, a tenured coach a skilled, veteran quarterback and be a contender. So, what team fits that description, and would be willing to sign T.O.? I'll take a flyer on the Bears, but it's purely a guess. T.O. is going to find the market for his services extremely limited.

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  • Pat Kirwan
  • Father Time has caught up with T.O.

I think T.O. will have trouble finding a team this season; I have talked to a number that have no interest in him. There's always the possibility of a playoff contender losing two starting receivers, which could lead to T.O. being invited for a workout. But Father Time has caught up with him and teams are not going to like what they see in the 37-year-old's speed.

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