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Super Bowl XLVII: Sights and sounds from the field

NEW ORLEANS -- Welcome to Super Bowl XLVII. The Around The League crew is set up high above the Superdome FieldTurf, braving the elements under the most powerful air conditioning system in the free world.

There has been a lot of cool moments this week, but nothing tops the ability to go on the field before the game. Some early sights and sounds:

  1. San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick ran on the field to a huge ovation, never once looking up to or even at the folks who were right next to him on the field. His game face was frightening.
  1. Coach Jim Harbaugh similarly was serious but acknowledged the crowd and even threw out a high five on the way back to the 49ers' locker room. He took his time walking around his players while they stretched, having long conversations with guard Mike Iupati and defensive lineman Justin Smith.
  1. Kaepernick spent a good 10 minutes firing passes as fast as he possibly could from about 10 yards away. His velocity is just outrageous. Randy Moss and Michael Crabtree both said this week they occasionally tell Kaepernick to throw the ball a little softer because it hurts their hands so much.
  1. Harbaugh spent a while catching passes from all the quarterbacks. Good hands.
  1. Olivia Munn, Harry Edwards and Tom Crean were among the luminaries on the sideline.
  1. Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco also ran a number of routes as a wide receiver. No, we don't think the Ravens are up to any trickery.

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