Super Bowl LII dream matchups: Who do you want to see in Minneapolis?

The NBA playoffs have, by all accounts, left something to be desired, thanks to uncompetitive games and overall bracket chalkiness.

But there's a big silver lining: an NBA Finals rubber match between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors. Yes, the epic showdown basketball fans have been waiting to see since the end of last season. This hardwood clash of the titans has us thinking about potential thrillers on the NFL's biggest stage ...

Heading toward the 2017 campaign, what is your dream Super Bowl LII matchup?

I'll go with a rematch of Super Bowl LI: New England Patriots vs. Atlanta Falcons. As much as we talk about the Falcons giving up a 28-3 second-half lead, we too often ignore how dominant Atlanta looked for the first 35 minutes of that game. They were faster, hungrier and more aggressive than a franchise that already had four Super Bowl wins prior to that contest. It's certain that the Falcons learned plenty about themselves in that game, most of which could serve them well in a second Super Bowl meeting with the Pats. It also doesn't hurt that New England has loaded up this offseason by adding more talent in pursuit of sixth championship.

This might not have been the sexiest matchup on paper going into Super Bowl LI. A second meeting would captivate everyone. As a Browns fan, I'm desperate to see Cleveland in the Super Bowl before I pass off this Earth. I won't tug readers down that dark road, though, opting instead for a matchup that would deliver a ratings bonanza dipped in intrigue: Raiders vs. Cowboys.

While serving as a bit of justice for Oakland-area fans set to see their team flitter away to Vegas, the game would also give us Raiders quarterback Derek Carr against Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott -- or, if fate steps in, maybe even Tony Romo. We'd also get a chance to see Ezekiel Elliott go toe-to-toe with Marshawn Lynch. This game would deliver the goods. How about the 18-0 Patriots vs. a Giants squad led by Steve Spagnuolo's top-ranked defense? Spagnuolo, of course, has beaten Bill Belichick before in the Super Bowl -- you know, the last time New England entered the final game of the season undefeated? Yes, in this scenario, the Patriots will be compared to that 2007 team all year long. But will they finish the job this time around?

Besides a stout defense, the Giants have receivers who can give the Patriots problems. Can New York get to Tom Brady like the Giants did on that shocking February evening back in 2008? I say no. The Patriots go undefeated! I would love for Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald to play for a championship in his hometown, but the matchup I really want to see with everything on the line: Raiders vs. Seahawks. This might be the last time we see these Seahawks together, and for them to play in a Super Bowl would be special. Even more special? Having to try and stop Marshawn Lynch, Derek Carr and Oakland's high-powered offense from the 1-yard line in the waning seconds. Will Jack Del Rio give it to Lynch against this defensive front? Oh man, what a scenario. My ideal matchup for Super Bowl LII would be the Dallas Cowboys vs. the New England Patriots. These teams have great history and -- this is key -- droves of both supporters and detractors. Ratings would be exceptionally high and it would be a very exciting game, pitting a young quarterback on the rise in Dak Prescott against Tom Brady, probably the best signal caller to ever suit up in the NFL. Well, you pretty much blew this with the way you phrased the question. Because MY dream Super Bowl LII would be for the Bears to roll the (oh, hell -- I don't really care ...) Indy Colts, 49-3, with Mike Glennon throwing for 459 yards, four touchdowns and an early interception that he's able to shake off before winning the MVP award. You think all of those Cubs fans filling Grant Park for a parade was amazing, wait until you see how Chicago turns out for the next Super Bowl win. I can even see Glennon initially taking the high road during his postgame speech ... before he finally turns on the haters and yells, "Where are your Yarael Poof jokes now, fools?!" That would be pretty cool. And then Rex Grossman could finally show his face in Chicago again. All is forgiven for the ... nah, let's not go that far. Even in a perfect scenario, I can't think of an instance where we'd go that far. But yeah, that would be just about perfect for me.

Although a Jaguars Super Bowl would be pretty lit, too. I want to see the two best quarterbacks in the league out there battling for more rings. The Saints' Drew Brees and the Patriots' Tom Brady set the bar so high in terms of quarterback play, and I really want to see Brees get a chance at No. 2. Not to mention, watching two of the best play callers in NFL history (Sean Payton and Bill Belichick) would be great for every football fan. Specifically, I'd love to watch Payton play call against Belichick and Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia. The reloaded New England Patriots will represent the AFC once again. From the NFC, I have to take the Atlanta Falcons for a rematch of Super Bowl LI. The way that game played out was unreal, with Atlanta building a 25-point lead and allowing the Patriots back in it. It would be interesting to see the difference a year makes.

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