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Suh would disagree, but peers vote him NFL's dirtiest player

He sat for tea with Commissioner Goodell and he's pleaded his case time and again, but Ndamukong Suh just can't shake the "dirty" label.

On Monday, we took a look at the league's most disliked players, and results suggest that Eagles quarterback Michael Vick still has some image-spinning left to do. Same for Suh.

Sporting News dropped its list of the NFL's dirtiest -- having polled 111 players from 31 teams -- and the results suggest that Suh might want to log some face time with the same social media guru who helped James Harrison turn things around. (Massive kudos to Harrison. After being labeled the league's meanest player just a month ago, he's fast on his way to Niceguyburgh, voted as only the SECOND dirtiest. That's progress, people.)

This one wasn't even close, with Suh grabbing 36 votes. Harrison (9) and Tennessee's Cortland Finnegan (8) landed in the deep distance, but they've clearly ruffled some feathers.

The rest of the league's bad boys below:

  1. Suh (36)
    1. Harrison (9)
    2. Finnegan (8)
    3. Tyson Clabo (7)
    4. Hines Ward (6)
    5. Richie Incognito (4)
    6. Brandon Meriweather (3)
      8t. Harvey Dahl (2)
      8t. David Stewart (2)
      8t. Mike McGlynn (2)
      8t. Casey Wiegmann (2)

A few items:

» Clearly there's a "Good Hines Ward" and "Bad Hines Ward" at work here. The good and proper version prances around winning reality-show dance-offs. The bad one's biting and sucker-punching unsuspecting Bengals below the pile.

» Who did this McGlynn character put in a bad mood? The Eagles guard has started just 15 games in four seasons and someone's not happy about it.

» Suh can take some comfort in the fact that Falcons tackle Harvey Dahl landed in the top 10 after suggesting Atlanta's O-line is flooded with problem characters.

» The virtuous Tim Tebow wasn't anywhere near this list, but the Broncos quarterback topped the Sporting News' most overrated player poll in a photo finish over Tony Romo, 22 votes to 21. Mark Sanchez came in third, despite this fan-inspired anthem dedicated to the Jets passer's elusive greatness.

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