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Suh: 'I really don't care' about being tagged dirtiest player

Ndamukong Suh hasn't been able to repeat the success of his rookie year through eight games this season, but he knows he has time to turn it around.

The Detroit Lions' defensive tackle spent part of the bye week watching game tape of every rushing play in which he's been involved.

The Lions have struggled to stop the run this season, a surprising development considering Suh is in the middle of their heralded defensive line.

"I wasn't necessarily pleased with how I started the first half of the season," Suh said, according to the Lions' official website. "It wasn't a horrible start, but it wasn't the best start that I was looking for. I'm looking to be able to come back in the second half with a fresh start, newfound energy and get ready to go in balls to the wall."

Suh requested a sit-down with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell last week to discuss the series of fines he's received for rough play. Suh's notorious playing style led to him being named the game's dirtiest player in a Sporting News poll released earlier this week -- not that he thinks much of that distinction.

"As for the 'Dirtiest Player Award,' for the defensive players who said that they would want me in front of them, I appreciate that, anything else other than that, I really don't care," he said. "That's not going to win me a Super Bowl and it's not going to win me an NFC championship; when it does, then I'll care."

Suh's had a strange sophomore season, one defined more by debate about his aggressive style of play rather than actual production on the field. Don't be surprised if we see the destructive rookie version of Suh return during the Lions' homestretch.

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