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Suggs: 'God had to save Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos'

If there's a crowded P.O. Box in Denver where citizens apply for entry into the Tim Tebow Fan Club, they're still waiting on paperwork from Terrell Suggs.

And they'll keep on waiting, because the Ravens star linebacker -- never afraid to speak his opinion -- isn't buying the Tebow hype. Not during the Broncos' 7-1 midseason streak, and not as Denver (8-8) walked through the backdoor to grab the AFC West title.

"There's getting it done and there's not getting it done," Suggs said this week on ESPN First Take. "Once again, God had to save Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos. Like I said, they didn't win (against the Raiders). It's simple -- you win, you're division champs. He couldn't even give them two drives. They lost, 7-3. Two drives gives them 9-7."

Denver still won the West, but for Suggs, whose Ravens hold the No. 2 seed in the AFC playoffs, there's a stark difference between how Baltimore and Denver (at least Tebow) go about their business.

"With all due respect, we don't pray on the sideline," Suggs said. "I mean we do -- we give it up to God (just for) safety and health, but we're gonna go out there and win that game. We don't need our kicker to make a 62-yarder. I'm just saying. We don't need guys to fall out of bounds and then we get to punt it back ... we don't need stuff like that to happen for us."

Suggs made it crystal clear he'd choose his quarterback, Joe Flacco, over anything Tebow brings to the table.

"Our quarterback knows how to go out and win games. When our quarterback prays, he be like, 'You know what, God, you know what, you sit on your couch and enjoy this. Thank you for blessing me and letting me wake up to play this game. I'm gonna impress you.' "

In Suggs' mind, the Ravens have done it on their own power, while Tebow and the Broncos have required help from above. Certainly big -- and possibly theologically spotty -- words from the man who calls himself "Sizzle" and recently opened a T-shirt line to celebrate a university that doesn't exist.

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