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Suggs argues rest of NFL is 'home watching' his 'boy' Flacco

In swoops T-Sizzle to defend his signal-caller.

On the heels of Ravens safety Ed Reed acknowledging that Joe Flacco appeared "kind of rattled" in Sunday's narrow win over the Texans, teammate Terrell Suggs says his "boy" has the moxie to carry Baltimore all the way to Super Bowl XLVI.

"I would never count Joe out," Suggs told ESPN's First Take on Tuesday, via The Baltimore Sun. "My quarterback can go out and beat anybody. My quarterback can go out and beat anybody. Anybody."

The linebacker's impassioned defense helped subdue notions of a minor mutiny on a team that needed four turnovers -- including a key pick by Reed -- to overcome the Texans and set up Sunday's AFC title game against Tom Brady and the Patriots.

To be fair to Reed, along with calling Flacco "rattled," he suggested that his quarterback was "definitely" capable of a breakout performance against New England.

Suggs went one step beyond that, categorizing Flacco as the kind of quarterback who just flat-out wins.

"My boy can go and play with the best of them. That's why we're in the position that we're in," Suggs said. "And a majority of the league is at home watching him play. My quarterback has been in the playoffs every year he has been in the league. Three of the four years my quarterback has won double-digit games. Every year he's won playoff games.

"So, when it comes to comparisons, there's not a lot of quarterbacks you can compare to my boy 'cause some quarterback still ain't got they first playoff win yet, but my boy has been there every year."

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