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Strange happenings raise eyebrows at McKenzie introduction

It was strange watching the Raiders hold a meaningful news conference without Al Davis effortlessly lording over it.

Mark Davis, son of the late owner, introduced new general manager Reggie McKenzie on Tuesday, and the pair discussed the franchise's and coach Hue Jackson's dismissal after one 8-8 season.

Al Davis died in October, leading to an unprecedented changing of the guard within the Raiders' organization. And McKenzie's declaration that he's looking for "my guy" typified the new world in Oakland.

That's not to say Al Davis' presence wasn't felt Tuesday. About midway through the news conference, the lights at the Raiders' media center turned off, then turned back on, and a large projector screen began to dip behind Mark Davis and McKenzie before returning to its resting position.

Was Al Davis expressing his support (or disapproval) of the Raiders' new direction? Unless you put too much stock in Patrick Swayze movies, probably not, but at the very least, it did bring back fond memories of the time Davis busted out that same projector to rip into former coach Lane Kiffin in 2008.

You're already missed, Al.

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