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Strahan sees ex-Giant Barber as answer to Jets' rush woes

If only the Jets had a football mind as sound as Michael Strahan to help lead them out of their collective malaise ... oh, wait.

The former Giants defensive end used his Twitter account Thursday to give the Jets advice on how to solve their rushing woes. The answer? You guessed it -- sign former Giants running back Tiki Barber.

"Watching these shows talk about Jets and say they need a running game," Strahan tweeted. "Greene hasn't been what they expected so go sign Tiki Barber! #Done"

Barber, who has been hard at work on a successful broadcast career nothing at all, likely would jump at the chance to sign with the Jets after making his intentions of a comeback very clear during a spring media blitz.

Barber hasn't found any takers to this point, leaving some to wonder what the three-time All-Pro did to deserve the cold shoulder.

"I believe Tiki can give some production," Strahan tweeted. "What do they have to lose? Don't speak for like or dislike of him but for ability!!"

There's no doubt the Jets have wandered away from the "ground-and-pound" attack that helped guide them to back-to-back AFC Championship Games. The team is 31st in the NFL in rushing yards per game (76.2), after finishing fourth in 2010 (148.4) and leading the league in 2009 (172.2). But while Strahan is right in his assertion that Shonn Greene has underperformed, the drop in overall production is more rooted in a game-plan change coupled with an offensive line that has struggled to stay healthy and effective.

Besides, the Jets already are dealing with chemistry issues and the fallout from trading veteran malcontent Derrick Mason. Adding Barber, a rusty 36-year-old with diva tendencies, doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

You know what? We'll just come out and say it. That's a bad idea, Michael Strahan. A bad, bad, bad idea.

Speaking of retired NFL greats who should sit out a couple plays, Joe Namath was at it again Thursday. The Hall of Fame quarterback said during a radio spot on ESPN New York that Jets coach Rex Ryan is "too darn nice" to his players, one of several inflammatory comments that will continue to alienate him from the franchise.

Joe, if you're reading, you don't have to do this. We know you love the spotlight, and these radio spots certainly provide you that, but it's doing more harm than good in the big picture. You're Broadway Joe! Just be that guy. Not this guy. We don't like this guy.

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