Stokley: Peyton Manning has same demeanor in Denver

Denver Broncos coaches are receiving their first look at Peyton Manning practicing with his new team.

Coaches are allowed to oversee limited workouts, players won't be in pads, and offense-versus-defense drills are not allowed, but it was one of Manning's old teammates from his days with the Indianapolis Colts who left Monday's session beaming.

Wide receiver Brandon Stokley, who played with Manning from 2003 to 2006, was enthusiastic about their reunion. "It was great, it felt like a practice almost," he told The Denver Post. Stokley re-signed with the Broncos last month and has been training with the team ever since.

Stokley said Manning's demeanor hasn't changed. He then added that he has noticed significant changes in receivers Eric Decker and Demaryius Thomas, both of whom were rookies in 2010 when Stokley was last a member of the Broncos.

"You can tell they have both grown up and are taking on a leadership role," Stokley said. "It is their receiver group, and their chance to do something special. They are playing with a guy that can get them the ball, and I've seen (Manning) help a lot of people's careers. I think he can do that for both of those guys."

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