Stevie Johnson will be attending Buffalo Bills minicamp

Buffalo Bills receiver Stevie Johnson said Thursday that his groin is healing "way ahead of schedule" and he will be at the team's minicamp next week.

Johnson, who underwent groin surgery in April, indicated earlier in June that he hoped to be ready for minicamp. Now, he told NFL Network in an interview for "NFL Total Access," it looks like his hopes will be fulfilled.

"I'm happy with everything that's been coming along," Johnson said. "So I'm looking forward to stepping out there with my team and stepping into the fire, because they look pretty hot right now."

Johnson has been enjoying his time off, even tweeting about freeze-dancing battles with his family. He plans on continuing his dancing trend, but this time including fans.

"I'm going to put a video out on Twitter for the fans and see what they want me to do," Johnson said. "I'm not guaranteeing touchdowns every week, but if I do get in the end zone, I'm going to be doing a dance the fans requested. ... We're just going to have a good time and try to handle biz and have fun while we're doing it."

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