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Stevie Johnson clarifies take on Buffalo Bills' play calls

Stevie Johnson rocked the boat Sunday when he appeared to explain that Ryan Fitzpatrick, not head coach Chan Gailey, was the best fit to call plays for the Buffalo Bills' offense.

Following the expected brushfire, the wide receiver told reporters Monday he didn't use the right words in explaining his opinion.

"I didn't mean changing the play-call duties and all that," Johnson said, according to The Buffalo News. "I may have said it, but what I meant to say was 'audible,' to give Fitz the ability to audible a little more.

"What ended up coming out was me talking about play calling. But it was really about an audible."

The Bills are a pedestrian 17th in total offense this season, averaging 22.1 points per game. The team seems to have an electric breakout star in C.J. Spiller, but the running back has has not received the touches worthy of his production. Johnson believes Fitzpatrick showed in Sunday's 20-13 loss to the Buffalo Bills that he can make effective "adjustments" on the field.

Gailey said he didn't plan to speak with his player about the comments, but Johnson spoke with wide receivers coach Bob Bicknell, who reported the details of the conversation back to Gailey.

Seems to be a subject worthy of a 1-on-1 between the head coach and the star wide receiver, but who are we to judge?

"Stevie just wants to win," Gailey said. "You say a lot of things. He just wants to win. He's fine.

"You've got to understand it's the heat of the battle," he went on. "If you don't know a guy, you might tend to get really upset. But if you know a guy, you know where his heart is even though he might not have said it right. I know Stevie."

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