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Steve Young: Robert Griffin III must throw from pocket

Hall of Famer Steve Young knows NFL offenses. He knows running quarterbacks. And while he is enamored with Robert Griffin III, Young doesn't believe the Washington Redskins' style of offense this year is sustainable.

"It's a perfect bridge for getting to the other side," Young told Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times in reference to Washington's blend of zone running, read-option and pistol formation offense.

"If you're playing for 10 or 15 years, you can't every week run six option plays. It can be around. It can be a part of the game, but sooner or later you've got to deliver the ball from the pocket. That's the game. Now, if the game changes, and it's proven a championship can be won from the pistol spread, then I'm wrong. But until I'm proven wrong, it's definitely a great way to win some games, especially from the red zone. For young quarterbacks who are mobile, it keeps them on the field and being very productive."

Young didn't mean this as a knock to Griffin. He stressed that the Redskins' offense makes all the sense in the world for Griffin this season. Speaking on ESPN after "Monday Night Football," Young noted how Griffin processes a lot of information well before the snap, but his post-snap reads usually are simplified.

Young's larger point was that the Redskins would have to evolve out of an attack that relies so much on called runs or run options for the quarterback.

"Scrambling, when no one's around, getting down, getting out of bounds, taking a glancing blow, those are all fine," Young said. "You can do that all day long. But when you're actually running the ball as if you're a running back, you can't do that."

We suspect a lot of loyal RG3 fans will take issue with Young's comments. This is an issue where we give Young the benefit of the doubt.

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