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Steve Smith jokes about Greg Hardy's Speed Racer act

Dumbness on Twitter: Case 743.B --

Carolina Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy riled up his roughly 2,500 followers Monday after posting an image of his Bentley's speedometer cracking the 100 mph mark in broad daylight.

"Ride n in the big B," Hardy wrote, assuming this wouldn't terrify the greater Charlotte area, along with his coach, Ron Rivera.

On Wednesday, teammate Steve Smith -- funnier than we remember -- took a subtle shot at Hardy, via a text message to veteran center Ryan Kalil.

Wrote Kalil: "Check out this great text msg I got from Steve Smith this morning: 'Smitty heading to work out slow and steady.' "

The photographic evidence sits at right: Hardy breaking land speed records; Steve Smith driving like a choirboy.

Back to Hardy: The Panthers might want to buy this man a bus pass. Last summer, he was involved in a motorcycle accident that forced him to miss most of the preseason. Hardy went on to post underwhelming second-season numbers in 2011 -- four sacks in 16 starts -- nothing close to the figure he topped rolling around the mean streets of Charlotte.

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