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Steve Gleason among NFL alumni reporting draft picks

One of the cooler recent traditions at the NFL draft involves famous NFL alumni announcing their former teams' second-day draft picks in the second or third round. One of the cooler moments in New York this year will be when the New Orleans Saints are on the clock in the third round.

Steve Gleason was one of 32 NFL alumni chosen this year to announce a pick at Radio City Music Hall. Gleason's famous blocked punt in the Saints' first game in the Superdome after Hurricane Katrina already has been immortalized. His courageous and public battle to raise awareness and funds for victims of ALS is similarly inspiring.

Along with Gleason, six Hall of Fame selections will announce picks this year, including 2013 inductees Jonathan Ogden, Warren Sapp and Dave Robinson. Other highlights include Orlando Pace, Wayne Chrebet, Kevin Faulk, Mark Brunell and LaVar Arrington. The full list is below. Players with a star by their name will announce third-round picks because their team doesn't have a second-round pick.

Arizona Cardinals, Larry Centers (FB)

Atlanta Falcons, Deion Sanders (CB)

Baltimore Ravens, Jonathan Ogden (OT)

Buffalo Bills, Chris Kelsay (DE)

Carolina Panthers, Mike Minter (S)

Chicago Bears, Neal Anderson (RB)

Cincinnati Bengals, Tim Krumrie (DT)

*Cleveland Browns, Dick Schafrath (T)

Dallas Cowboys, Tony Casillas (DT)

Denver Broncos, Randy Gradishar (LB)

Detroit Lions, Herman Moore (WR)

Green Bay Packers, Dave Robinson (LB)

Houston Texans, Steve McKinney (C)

*Indianapolis Colts, Tarik Glenn (T)

Jacksonville Jaguars, Mark Brunell (QB)

*Kansas City Chiefs, Gary Barbaro (DB)

Miami Dolphins, Larry Little (G)

Minnesota Vikings, Joey Browner (S)

New England Patriots, Kevin Faulk (RB)

*New Orleans Saints, Steve Gleason (S)

New York Giants, Rich Seubert (G)

New York Jets, Wayne Chrebet (WR)

*Oakland Raiders, Willie Brown (DB)

Philadelphia Eagles, Jeremiah Trotter (LB)

Pittsburgh Steelers, Merril Hoge (RB)

St. Louis Rams, Orlando Pace (T)

San Diego Chargers, Jim Hill (DB)

San Francisco 49ers, Guy McIntyre (G)

Seattle Seahawks, Isaiah Kacyvenski (LB)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Warren Sapp (DT)

Tennessee Titans, Keith Bulluck (LB)

Washington Redskins, LaVar Arrington (LB)

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