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Steelers' Mike Tomlin reacts to missed call in Bolts' win

The NFL acknowledged Monday that officials missed a penalty call that, if enforced correctly, would've given the Kansas City Chiefs another opportunity at a game-winning field-goal attempt against the San Diego Chargers on Sunday.

The Chargers lined up with seven men on one side of the snapper for Ryan Succop's missed 41-yard attempt, an illegal formation that warranted a 5-yard penalty and replay of down. Instead, possession changed hands, and the Chargers won in overtime to claim the AFC's final playoff spot.

The biggest loser in all of this? The Pittsburgh Steelers, who would've claimed the sixth seed had Succop made the kick -- or converted on a second shot at it from 36 yards out.

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin told reporters Monday that he noticed San Diego's illegal formation in real time as he watched at home with his family. The coach was asked how he reacted when Succop missed the kick and the flag wasn't thrown.

"I'll leave that between myself, my sons and our basement," he said.

Translation: Obscenities were uttered. Objects were potentially thrown. Dry wall might have been compromised.

"Obviously, there's a lot of work that needs to be done from an officiating standpoint," Tomlin said of the series of high-profile mistakes made this season. "I think it's been played out, well documented over the last several weeks -- not only in the stadiums that we played in but others."

Tomlin said he looks forward to being part of the process of improving officiating going forward. He certainly deserves a voice in the room after the events of Sunday.

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