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Steelers' James Harrison wonders: Who is Ken Stabler?

Former Oakland Raiders quarterback Ken Stabler was a four-time Pro Bowl honoree, a Super Bowl champion and undoubtedly one of the most famous players of his era.

Stabler also is the most high-profile name from the latest group of former players to file a concussion-related lawsuit against the NFL. In the lawsuit, Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison is singled out as one of the game's "recidivist violators," a violent player who should be banned for his dangerous style of play.

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During a Thursday appearance on WXDX-FM in Pittsburgh, host Tim Benz asked Harrison about the lawsuit that mentions his name.

Benz: James, are you aware of the story about the lawsuit mentioning your name ... and if so, what's your reaction to it?
Harrison: I'm not aware of it.
Benz: Ken Stabler and some of the other former pro football players in a concussion suit referenced you as a guy that was a repeat offender and maybe should be out of the game. When you hear former players say that about you --* Harrison:* Who is -- Ken who?
Benz: Ken Stabler.
Harrison: Who is that?
Benz: Former Raiders quarterback.
Harrison: Never heard of him. His opinion doesn't matter to me.

On a semi-related note, the most famous game in Steelers history occurred on Dec. 23, 1972 ... a divisional playoff game immortalized by "The Immaculate Reception." The opposing quarterback that afternoon? You guessed it ... Kenny "The Snake" Stabler.

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