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Steelers' Antonio Brown has six-figure deal with Facebook

Steelers receiver Antonio Brown's much-publicized use of Facebook Live last week wasn't an accident or a random event.

The star pass-catcher, who drew the public ire of coach Mike Tomlin, will play against the Patriots on Sunday, a week after opening up his team's postgame locker room to hundreds of thousands of people via a live stream video. And he did so as a company man.

Brown actually has a big-time marketing deal with Facebook, sources say, part of his lucrative off-the-field portfolio. The deal is worth in the high six-figures, per the same sources.

So yes, business appears to be boomin'.

Brown is awaiting discipline from the Steelers, and it likely will be a fine. The team is still investigating the incident, but the expectation is they will fine him for conduct detrimental to the team.

Brown also broke the NFL's social media policy for posting content before reporters had completed their postgame duties. The league will look at how the Steelers punish Brown, and if the team fines him, don't expect the NFL to issue another fine.

Tomlin called Brown's actions "foolish and inconsiderate." Brown apologized and explained "emotions and genuine excitement" got the best of him. Tomlin talked with Brown about what happened, but it seems he got out most of his vitriol early in the week.

Teammates put it behind them by mid-week, and the focus now is on the game. It's safe to assume you won't see a AFC title game recap Sunday night on Facebook Live.

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