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St. Louis Rams reportedly want retractable roof

The St. Louis Rams reportedly are seeking to install a retractable roof on the Edward Jones Dome as part of their stadium upgrade proposal, sources told KTVI-TV on Wednesday.

Because of a Missouri Sunshine Law request made by the television station, state attorney general Chris Koster is expected to provide full details Monday about the Rams' counter-offer to upgrade their current facility.

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The Rams recently rejected an offer from the operator of the building, the St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission, which would have cost $124 million -- half from taxpayers, half from the team -- to upgrade the dome, instead, submitting a proposal of their own.

The CVC's proposal featured a nearly 100-feet long scoreboard, new club seats, windows to provide natural light and a 50,000-square-foot attachment wired for the use of electronics.

It is unclear how much it would cost to retrofit the building with a retractable roof, according to KTVI-TV, and the Rams' proposal did not include estimates.

According to the terms of the team's lease, the Rams are free to leave St. Louis in January 2015 if the stadium is not among the league's top facilities.

If the team's counter-offer is rejected, the matter will go to arbitration June 15, and that process could last all year.

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