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St. Louis Rams fined $20K over Steven Jackson injury

Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh believes the NFL injury report "has no value" as presently constituted, but it continues to come at a cost for teams that don't thoroughly populate it.

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The St. Louis Rams were fined $20,000 by the NFL last month for failing to report running back Stephen Jackson's groin injury in Week 2, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The NFL later confirmed the issuing and timing of the fine.

The Rams are one of a handful of teams that have felt the wrath of a league office intent on sending a message.

This is the same fine that Harbaugh's Ravens received last week for not reporting safety Ed Reed's shoulder injury. The Washington Redskins and Buffalo Bills each were fined the same amount two weeks ago for failing to disclose injury information on quarterback Robert Griffin III and defensive end Mario Williams, respectively.

The lesson? Unless you want to cough up the financial equivalent of a new Honda Civic, add every player dealing with a physical issue. With the season inching into November, that should be just about everybody.

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