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'South Park' gets dig in on Dolphins in latest episode

To paraphrase Chuck Klosterman, picking on the Dolphins these days isn't even like shooting fish in a barrel. It's like shooting fish in a barrel of petroleum jelly.

Unfortunately, the indignity won't end until Tony Sparano's 0-6 team strings together some victories. Until then, the Dolphins will be skewered all across the popular culture spectrum.

That includes the fine folks at "South Park," who referenced Miami's ineptitude in an episode that aired Wednesday.

The episode begins with Randy Marsh -- father of main character Stan -- talking to co-workers about the Broncos' comeback win over the Dolphins on Sunday. (South Park is a fictional town set in Colorado).

"I mean, look guys, I know it was just the Dolphins," Randy said, "but Tebow is definitely our quarterback of the future!"

Yes, it could've been worse, and we're sure it will be if the losses continue to pile up. Come on guys, stop the in-fighting and just put one on the left side of the column. Don't give Trey Parker and Matt Stone any more reason to go after you.

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