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Somebody should tell Rodgers he could do way worse

Every Sunday night, Around The League takes a closer look at four of the day's most interesting subplots. We call it The Filthy Four ... mostly for alliteration purposes.

Aa-Rod's rich people problems

This is how well the 2011 season is going for Aaron Rodgers: After another outstanding performance in which he led the Packers to their 10th straight win, Rodgers spent part of his postgame media session deeply lamenting a measly interception.

"I'm just frustrated," Rodgers said. "I didn't throw the ball very well. I'm not trying to be ridiculously humble right now, I'm just frustrated. The ball wasn't coming out the way I wanted it to today."

We can't even imagine if he ever had a game in which he legitimately struggled. (There's a body switch comedy co-starring Mark Sanchez that could have serious potential here.)

In a 35-26 victory over the Bucs, Rodgers became just the third quarterback in NFL history to throw for 3,000 yards and 30 touchdowns in the first 10 games of a season. The man is officially scary good.

We were originally of the thought process that the Packers' leaky defense would keep them from running the slate this season. But after watching Rodgers pick apart yet another team, we're starting to believe Green Bay's offense is good enough to cover up the blemishes.

As for Rodgers' agony over his fourth INT of the season, we say this: Get over it, Aa-Rod. You sound like the beautiful prom queen who complains loudly about a pimple within earshot of all the homely girls. Instead of game film, somebody get him a copy of "Carrie."

Get well soon, Jay

The 7-3 Chicago Bears should be loving life these days. Instead, a black cloud hovers over Soldier Field now that Jay Cutleris headed for surgery to repair a broken thumb sustained during a 31-20 win over the Chargers.

Cutler is likely on the shelf for multiple weeks, brutal news for a Bears team that was shaping up to be a legitimate threat to the Packers in January.

(Matt Forte is already gasping for breath thinking how many times he'll be handed the ball during his QB's absence.)

Cutler will likely be replaced by Caleb Hanie, which is the equivalent of U2 backing out of Glastonbury and being replaced by a Barenaked Ladies tribute band.

If the Bears struggle with Hanie at the controls -- and let's face it, this is a strong possibility -- Cutler will be admitted into the Peyton Manning Memorial "How You Like Me Now?" Club, which recognizes quarterbacks who aren't fully appreciated until they're gone.

DJax needs to relax

The least impressive aspect of our "Sunday Night Football" viewing experience was Kelly Clarkson in that Toyota commercial with Chris Berman. The second least impressive aspect of our "Sunday Night Football" viewing experience was DeSean Jackson's antics against the Giants.

Sure, Jackson made some plays (including nearly taking another Giants punt to the house -- REALLY, Tom Coughlin?), but the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty that wiped out a 50-yard reception in the second quarter was indefensible.

It was also a perfect example of why the Eagles should be careful about giving the wideout the big-money contract he craves.

Jackson is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous offensive players in the league. But his behavior the past two weeks -- beginning with the missed meeting and subsequent Week 10 benching and capped by Sunday's foolish play -- shows how Jackson can also be dangerous to his own team.

Dark days are back in Buffalo

The Buffalo Bills are dead. More dead than the 35 buffalo wings you polished off as Ryan Fitzpatrick was beaten into submission by the surging -- yeah, we said it -- surgingMiami Dolphins.

Don't take this as a celebration. We're kind of bummed about the demise of the 5-5 Bills, who've been outscored 106-26 during the three-game skid that's made the team's 3-0 start an ancient memory.

If you closed your eyes for a while there, it felt like 1992 again: The Bills winning, Wilson Phillips in the CD changer, "In Living Color" on the TV.

Those days are over now. The Bills are on the outside of the AFC playoff race, and they've done nothing to indicate they're coming back in.

The glory of September has given way to "November Rain" (to summon another distant memory of '92). Speaking of which, anybody know if Axl or Slash can play wide receiver?

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