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Smith's 'Call of Duty' puts apology to Rice on backburner

This has been a great week for Torrey Smith.

No, not because he was the hero in the Ravens' huge Sunday night victory over the hated Steelers.

It's because the latest edition of the "Call of Duty" video-game series was released Tuesday.

This is a huge deal for the 22-year-old rookie. When Smith hasn't been practicing with teammates or discussing his huge touchdown catch with the media, he's been in front of his TV attempting to track down the evil Russian Ultranationalist Vladimir Makarov.

This has left precious little time for Smith to make things right with Ray Rice. The Ravens' star running back is still waiting for Smith to apologize for his holding penalty that wiped out Rice's long TD run in the first quarter at Pittsburgh.

"I am still depressed (over) Torrey Smith right now," Rice told reporters Wednesday, according to The Baltimore Sun. "I just told (senior vice president of public and community relations) Kevin Byrne that he didn't call me. I still could be in a state of depression. I understand that 'Call of Duty' just came out. But, I could have been home.

"That was probably the longest run in Pittsburgh Steelers history at Heinz Field. There is a lot at stake, Torrey."

Don't worry, denizens of Ravens Nation -- Rice's comments clearly were made in jest. Of course, we don't imagine wasting foreign operatives leaves much time for Smith to study the playbook. Rookies will be rookies, we guess.

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