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Smith backs Newton's cries for culture change in Carolina

Nice guys don't win Super Bowls.

Not down in Carolina, according Steve Smith, where the veteran wideout can't help but glow over Cam Newton's radioactive riff, in which he urged the Panthers to get "on my level."

Newton's comments didn't bother Smith, who's of the opinion that Carolina's roster has been too kind and too soft for too long. A team that kills it on the community-service front, only to get waxed on Sundays.

"When your best is off the field (and) you ain't doing very good on the field -- your primary job -- I think we need less guys that are worried about outside and need to start taking care of work inside," Smith told The Charlotte Observer. "I'm not saying we have that case now. But I think that's been in the past where people (said), 'Oh, I love that guy. He's a great guy.' But he can't play."

Smith's not asking for 53 Rae Carruths, just a few less Holly Hobbie types. He believes change is in the air, thanks to coach Ron Rivera bringing in dudes like Greg Olsen and Jeremy Shockey -- and, of course, Newton.

"I'm no more the minority, the passionate guy, the loose cannon," Smith said. "They're getting a lot of guys in here that are no-nonsense, punch-you-in-the-mouth kind of guys."

Disturbing news for area food kitchens -- and the NFC South.

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