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Six quick takes on Chad Ochocinco to Dolphins

Chad Ochocinco signed a one-year deal with the Miami Dolphins on Monday night, catching on with a new team four days after he was unceremoniously released by the New England Patriots.

Here are six quick observations on the move:

1. Football meets publicity: Though general manager Jeff Ireland and head coach Joe Philbin likely had the final say, don't be surprised if team owner Stephen Ross pushed hard to get this done. The Dolphins are looking for publicity (see: Knocks, Hard) and Ochocinco represents one of the game's most buzzed-about players, even if it's not always about football.

2. A perfect fit ... or not: We don't know if you've looked at the Dolphins' wide receiver depth chart recently, but Ochocinco won't exactly have to climb over Jerry Rice and John Taylor to get playing time in Miami. Then again, there wasn't a surplus of star wideouts in New England either, and we know how that worked out. Ochocinco could be a starter in Miami, he could be a forgotten nonentity by Week 5. This is wide open.

3. "Hard Knocks" gets a headliner: A week ago, "Hard Knocks" seemed like it would mostly serve as a vehicle for Lauren Tannehill's plot to take over the world. Throwing the gregarious Ochocinco into the mix has to have HBO Sports executives doing cartwheels through the hallway.

4. Home cookin': Ochocinco is a Florida native who can tell you from firsthand experience that Miami Beach Senior High isn't the made-up setting for a Corey Haim movie from the '80s. Will playing at home help ease the receiver's transition to a new team? Or will the potential distractions keep him from doing things like, you know, learning his playbook?

5. Take a number: When you change your last name to "Ochocinco," you better be No. 85. Luckily, the Dolphin currently with that jersey is little-known everyman Rishard Matthews. Sorry, buddy.

6. What a day: On the same day he got off the unemployment line, Ochocinco was thrilled to receive a signed copy of John Mayer's new album of blue-eyed soul. Some guys have it all.

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