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Should Peyton Manning's 50th TD have counted?

Wade Phillips would like you to know that Peyton Manning shouldn't have set the single-season touchdown record on his watch.

The Houston Texans' interim coach told reporters Friday that Manning's third of four touchdown passes Sunday -- a 20-yard strike to Eric Decker that tied Tom Brady's all-time mark of 50 touchdowns -- should've been overturned on review because Decker juggled the ball before getting two feet down.

Phillips took it up with the league, and according to the coach, was told the pass should've been ruled incomplete. (We imagine the league is thrilled he shared this information with the rest of us.)

"Poor Manning," Phillips said. "He thought he broke the record."

When told of Phillips' frisky dig, one prominent Bronco offered a game retort (via The Denver Post):

"We would have got 50 on fourth down, then."

Feel the burn, Son Of Bum.

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