Should Jay Cutler be a starting QB in 2017? If so, who should acquire him?

The Bearsreleased Jay Cutler on Thursday, officially ending the quarterback's up-and-down eight-year run in Chicago.

Over the past five seasons, Cutler has averaged 18 touchdowns and 12 picks. In that span, he's ranked firmly below the middle of the pack in total yards (19th among players to attempt 400-plus passes), completion percentage (19th), passer rating (24th), touchdown passes (19th) and wins (21st).

With Cutler set to turn 34 in April, should he be starting for an NFL team in 2017? And if so, who should pick him up?

Cutler's talent indicates he should start, given the number of teams in need of a quarterback and a rookie class of QBs who are not ready to start. A question he has to answer is what he will play for. As to who is the best fit, it might all come down to his attitude toward the team he's thinking about. The Jets are an obvious possibility, because he's played for QB coach Jeremy Bates before. The chemistry with the team is a factor -- along with his ability to handle the New York tabloids. We've all been enamored by Cutler's talent, and I think he can start for a team next season. But other than Adam Gase, no one has been able to consistently display that talent. Cutler's future is not in Chicago. The Bears should cut ties and no team should trade for him. Cutler needs to be humbled with a one-year deal and prove himself.

The best fit for Cutler is in Cleveland with Hue Jackson. Why not give him one more chance to be effective with an offensive-minded head coach. I have a hard time seeing a GM selling ownership on starting Cutler for competitive or public-relations purposes. People will speculate about the Jets being a possible landing spot because they aren't considered major players in the Romo Bowl. Tony Romo is a controversial signing in that he's an older player with injury woes. That said, want-to, laying it on the line for your team and effectiveness on the field are not question marks surrounding Romo. Can we say the same about Cutler? There are plenty of teams that have the room and there's no question that Cutler is better than a lot of starters in the league when it comes to pure talent. But uncertainty over intangibles makes it difficult to see an organization paying him big bucks to be their starter this year.

Could he start for the 49ers right now? Sure. Is replacing one question with another really worth it? Should he start over Jared Goff based on ability? Once again, it's easy to answer yes. But why mortgage your future for a temporary fix that we're not even sure is a fix? That's why asking if he should be a starter is tricky -- being a starting NFL quarterback is not solely about talent. If Chicago doesn't want him, I think there are a lot of teams that would line up for his services. Jay Cutler still has the talent to be a starting quarterback. He isn't scared to make the big throw, whether it works out or not, and a lot of people like to see that moxie from their QB.

Cutler's been through a lot of offenses and knows how hard it is to pick them up. I think the New York Jets would be a good landing spot for him, with his previous relationship with Matt Forte. Although the Jets struggled in 2016, they are a talented team. Todd Bowles is a player-friendly coach who would be a good fit for Cutler.

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