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Shockey upset over Texans' disrespect during national anthem

Panthers tight end Jeremy Shockey is a patriot. Disrespect this country, he will notice -- and take exception.

Case in point: During the performance of "The Star-Spangled Banner" before his team's 28-13 victory over the Texans on Sunday at Reliant Stadium.

"Personally, myself, I was really upset they weren't showing respect to America during the national anthem," Shockey told reporters, according to KILT-AM. "There were about 10 players who didn't put their arms across their chest. A couple of guys saw that.

"This is America. They should at least give respect to America. I haven't seen it anywhere else in the NFL, but I don't know how you forget to do something like that."

Given those words, it's hard to imagine a discussion about John Carlos' and Tommie Smith's actions at the 1968 Summer Olympics going over smoothly with Shockey.

The disrespect in question might explain why Shockey got in the faces of Texans linebacker DeMeco Ryans and cornerback Jason Allen after breaking their tackles to score a 9-yard touchdown. Shockey also added that he confronted some of Houston's players after the game, though he didn't offer what he said.

Really, Shockey's anger shouldn't come as a surprise. He's a proud American who has a giant tattoo of a bald eagle draped in red, white and blue on his right biceps.

So, players around the league, consider yourselves warned: Shockey is watching you from across the field during the national anthem. Show some respect, will you?

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