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Shiancoe claims some Vikings 'hung it up' in defeat

How many players on a 2-12 team can afford to put their feet up on the desk?

None, you'd think, but tight end Visanthe Shiancoe witnessed something disturbing during the Vikings' 42-20 loss to the Saints.

"I would say, you could see some guys hung it up," Shiancoe told ESPN Radio Twin Cities on Monday. "Not a lot, though. Like a very small handful of guys."

Preventing a minor firestorm, Shiancoe refused to name names, but he assured listeners that he planned to confront the David Woodersons of the bunch.

Among the innocent? All-Pro defensive end Jared Allen, who fumed that he was on the sideline during the Saints' final possession.

"What are we resting me for? The playoffs? Come on," Allen told The Associated Press. "That's not my decision. I guess they want the young guys to play. I don't know."

This year's Vikings -- old and young -- have a chance to make history as the worst team in franchise lore, a distinction Shiancoe says his teammates are motivated to avoid.

"We're going to take these next two weeks very, very seriously," he said.

Now that's more like it.

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