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Sherman, Crabtree mic'd during NFC championship

We now have hard and indisputable proof that Richard Sherman and Michael Crabtree do not like each other. If you didn't know this, we're happy you survived your "127 Hours"-like canyoneering mishap.

In an act of prescience (or just good ole common sense) the people at NFL Films had both the Seattle Seahawks cornerback and San Francisco 49ers wide receiver wired for sound during Sunday's NFC Championship Game.

If you think that means we'll get better insight on the motivations and ill-will of the two stars, think again. Sherman and Crabtree don't have a single interaction until after the Niners' final play from scrimmage. This, of course, is the game-deciding play in which Sherman tipped a Colin Kaepernick pass intended for Crabtree into the hands of Seahawks linebacker Malcolm Smith.

As you see in the video above, Sherman cuts his end zone celebration with teammates short to track down Crabtree, hold out his right hand and say, "Helluva game, helluva game."

Crabtree doesn't say anything in the portion of the footage we obtained from NFL Films. His response is a swift hand shove to Sherman's facemask. It all backs the reports -- the legend really -- that the bad blood between the players started well before kickoff on Sunday.

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