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Shanahan unenchanted by thought of Haynesworth reunion

You can't go home again, they say. Especially if you're Albert Haynesworth.

Mike Shanahan was asked by a reporter Wednesday if the Redskins would be interested in acquiring a jobless "two-time All-Pro with some experience in the 3-4." 

"Which one?" he asked, drawing a blank.

That would be the 350-pound, seven-Excedrin headache who almost single-handedly rolled the Redskins off the rails last season. 

"Oh, was that a setup? That was a softball pitch," Shanahan told The Associated Press. "I'm going 'Man, usually I get most of those. Two-time All-Pro's been cut, I usually can remember that.' "

No problem, coach. We'd understand if Shanahan data wiped any recollection of the ultra-cranky behemoth.

Indeed, Shanahan said so much, adding "Now I know why I forgot."

Besides, this highly awkward reunion won't go down. 

Albert's now a Buc (and Raheem Morris' newest problem to finesse), but it's sort of a shame, isn't it? It sure would have been an intoxicating re-meeting of the minds in our nation's capital.

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