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Several Detroit Lions dream of hitting the lottery

With Wednesday night's Powerball jackpot topping $300 million, several members of the Detroit Lionsshared their lottery dreams with Jeff Seidel of the Detroit Free Press.

Quarterback Matthew Stafford, who signed a six-year, $78 million contract that included over $41 million in guaranteed as the No. 1 overall pick of the 2009 NFL Draft, kicked in a few dollars for some tickets with the hope of buying his own island.

Veteran safety Sean Jones would buy a yacht, and like Stafford, an island to park it on.

Wide receiver Nate Burleson has made $11 million over his first two seasons in Detroit and will make $4 million this season. That didn't stop the veteran from dropping $200 on tickets. And if Burleson won, he'd donate some to charity and take care of his family before getting down to the necessary and noble purchases, like a gold-plated helicopter and, of course, an island to fly it to.

There was one winning ticket sold for last night's Powerball drawing and that ticket was purchased in Lapeer, Mich. That's only an hour north of the Lions' Allen Park headquarters, so if there's one less body at Thursday's practice, someone might be out island shopping.

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