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Seattle Seahawks say no thanks to 'Hard Knocks'

We recently ran down some of the best moments in the history of HBO's "Hard Knocks" in anticipation of training camp, which is fast-approaching. The Seattle Seahawks will not be the team adding to the list this year.

"We understand the interest in this show, but would not want to bring a ton of attention to ourselves," Seahawks general manager John Schneider told the National Football Post on Thursday.

That answer is no surprise. The Seahawks were on the record last year saying they weren't interested in participating in the reality show. The San Diego Chargers are among the other teams that have made it clear they are not interested in being filmed this season. At this point, we don't really have a guess on a team that could take the plunge, although the Jacksonville Jaguars seemed open to it last year before the Miami Dolphins agreed to do the show.

It all comes back to ownership. If there is an owner who wants to increase awareness of the "brand," then a team is far more likely to do it.

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