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Seattle Seahawks, Matt Flynn preparing for Packers

Matt Flynn spent his first four seasons in Green Bay before signing with the Seattle Seahawks as a free agent quarterback this offseason. He expected to be the starter, but lost the job to rookie Russell Wilson.

The Seahawks will host Flynn's old teammates for Monday Night Football and the assumption is he can help prepare.

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He knows the Packers offense as well as anyone, their personnel and even Aaron Rodgers' likes and dislikes. Rodgers pulled a Dick Vitale not-so-fast during his radio show.

"I think the thing people don't realize is that we do some things to change signals or (we have) dummy signals," Rodgers said on ESPN Milwaukee. "Information that Matt would give them probably isn't going to have any bearing on the game.

"You take measures when you play against guys that have played here; you take measures to combat that. You stay away from some signals that you might have used then that might have been recognizable. When you break it down, is anything he is going to tell them able to register with a defender in a couple seconds? Probably not."

Flynn said the same to reporters last week.

"I really can't offer anything more than what they see on film," Flynn said. "That's about it."

The Seahawks hope he's playing coy because Monday Night Football against the Packers and the reigning MVP is carrying some weight in the Pacific Northwest. This is an opportunity to make a statement on national television.

"It's a special night each week in the league that everybody loves," coach Pete Carroll told The Seattle Times. "Everybody in the league has played and they're done and you're the last one's up.

"There is no reason not to go for it. We're going to try everything we can to get a win and make the most of this chance."

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