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Sean Payton's picture looms over New Orleans Saints

Suspended New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton will loom large over everything the team does this year. Literally.

The Saintsput up a gigantic picture Friday at their indoor facility of Payton scowling with a headset on. The motto "DO YOUR JOB" is written underneath. Unlike the awesome Steve Gleason statue put up Friday, we admit to some mixed feelings on this one.

First of all, "Do your job" has been a Patriots motto under Bill Belichick since ... forever.

There is also something vaguely disturbing/dictatorial about a suspended coach barking orders from above. It's like interim coach Joe Vitt is a little too worried that everyone will forget about Payton.

(Least importantly, didn't we learn from the Master P episode of Cribs that self-portraits in your own house is tacky?)

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