Seahawks' Tyler Lockett got unlikely help from 49ers to heal shin

When Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Tyler Lockett suffered a serious shin bruise in his team's overtime win over the San Francisco 49ers, it necessitated a two-night stay in a local hospital. It was the safe approach, rather than have him fly home immediately. Fast forward two weeks and Lockett is expected to play Sunday against the Eagles.

How did he make it back on the field so quickly?

Lockett got an assist from an unlikely source: The rival 49ers.

In the hospital after the game, sources say Lockett wanted to know if medical personnel had a Game Ready device -- a new-age, high-end compression therapy unit used to accelerate recovery. The hospital did not have the device, which is used almost exclusively in athletics.

Lockett then made an odd request: Do the 49ers have a Game Ready he could use?

On Tuesday at 7:30 a.m., his agent Andrew Kessler called members of the San Francisco front office to ask. By 9:30, the 49ers training staff had brought one over for Lockett.

As one 49ers source put it, health and safety of the players come first. Plus, the source added, Lockett is such a great person that they have a lot of respect for so it was an easy decision.

Lockett swears by the Game Ready machine, which integrates iceless cold, controllable heat, rapid contrast and active compression therapies, according to its website. It utilizes cryotherapy, thermotherapy, contrast therapy and compression therapy.

For Lockett, who was dealing with serious swelling in his leg, it helped his bruise heal without opening it up or draining it. Doctors noted how well the Game Ready worked and that it assisted Lockett in such good shape.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said on Friday that Lockett, "did well at practice. He's ready to go."

Had San Francisco not stepped in, it's unclear if Lockett would have been able to be back on the field so quickly.

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