Seahawks, Steelers are Wild Card Weekend's most likely road winners

It's tough enough to win on the road in the NFL, let alone in the heightened atmosphere of the playoffs. But Wild Card Weekend features four matchups in which the road team could, for one reason or another, feel good about its chances.

The Chiefs take a 10-game winning streak with them to Houston. The Steelershead to Cincinnati knowing the last time they were there, they beat the Bengals by 13 points. The Packersvisit Washington with a better record and seven playoff wins in the past eight years under their belt. The Seahawksgo to Minnesota as the two-time defending NFC champs.

Which road squad has the best chance to emerge from hostile territory with a playoff victory?

Wilson is playing lights out, with 24 touchdown passes against one interception in his last seven games. From an efficiency standpoint, he's not turning the ball over, and the Seahawks' offense is the most confident offense out there right now. Their defense, which has been their strength the last couple of years, is back to rare form. They can stop any team that's equipped to run or pass the ball, as we've seen in the last half of the season. I also believe they have the strongest rotation of defensive linemen. It's going to be tough for Teddy Bridgewater to move the ball if they put pressure on him. This team's passing game has been lacking in recent years, but Russell Wilson and Co. have turned that around by virtue of an abundance of chemistry. In the playoffs, you have to play good defense, which Seattle will do. The Seahawks' offense has played well on the road; Seattle has won its last five road games. This team is jelling at the right time in all facets of the game. The Steelers have enough playoff experience on both sides of the ball. Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown are on fire, and James Harrison, William Gay and Lawrence Timmons have been there before with the defense. Coach Mike Tomlin has been to the Super Bowl twice since taking over in 2007, winning Super Bowl XLIII. This is a team nobody wants to face right now, because the Steelers don't care if they're on the road or at home. This is familiar territory for Seattle, which beat the Vikings handily in Minnesota earlier this season. I know it's tough to beat a team twice, but I don't expect anything to be especially different than the first time. The Seahawks have a championship pedigree and are undaunted when playing any other team in the NFC. It's a really good matchup for them. The Seahawks can stop the run. If Teddy Bridgewater struggles to push the ball down the field, that'll play right into the hands of the defense. Seattle's defense will challenge the Vikings' receivers and dare Minnesota's young quarterback to fit the ball into tight spots. When I look at it, I see the 'Hawks rolling through the Vikings and into the Divisional Round.

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